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Since it started in 2004, EuroREA has grown both in terms of content and readership. In 2011 we have addressed some issues with a review of EXARC's publication strategy. The result is a commitment to bring you more material, more often, and in a wider range of media.
From 2012 we published three times a year on line for easy access by our membership. The printed EXARC JOURNAL Digest (Hard Copy) was published once a year.
From 2014 we publish four times a year on line, and two printed EXARC JOURNALS.

Issue 2012/1


© EXARC, 2012
ISSN: 2212-8956

First online issue of the EXARC Journal. Contains 34 articles divided over five sections of which 11 articles are peer-reviewed. From January 15th 2014, all articles in this issue are open access.


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