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Issue 2016/2

© EXARC, 2016; ISSN: 2212-8956; Publishing date: June 15, 2016

The EXARC Journal consists of Mixed Matters articles, which are open access. We also made open access articles related to the OpenArch project. The other articles are peer-reviewed and for members only (please login at the bottom of the page). They will become open access 2 years after the publishing date.

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The list below shows the members Only Contents of Issue 2016-2

Archaeological Open-Air Museum

Matthias Pacher AT)
Andreja Breznik (SI)
Andrew Spencer (UK)

Experimental Archaeology

E. Giovanna Fregni (UK)


Wiel van der Mark (NL)
Riina Rammo,Jaana Ratas (EE)
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